• Neighborhood House (map)
  • 20 N American St
  • Philadelphia, PA, 19106
  • United States

Program #2
The Quiet Dance
& Speaking Dance

Friday, June 19 at 9pm

It's a lot less lonely if there are two of you.

A few years ago we wrote down 100 influences without censoring. More and more in the work we do these things come out.

In The Quiet Dance (2005) both men stand upright and from this position initiate movements with a sense of amazement akin to that of a child taking its first steps and making its first sounds. The result is a combined action that is both masterly and comic and pulsates with a delight in movement.

How can abstract and formal means contain and/or amplify meaning? This is the question the dancer answered together in Speaking Dance (2006), even though each performer starts out from his own discipline. Burrows and Fargion transpose motionlessness into sound and/or language; it is as if the auditory aspect of communication (with each other and the audience) becomes increasingly important.


Duration: 90 mins.  

No Late Seating