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Program #7
Body Not Fit For Purpose + Conversation with Adrian Heathfield
Saturday, June 27 at 7pm

Who starts or how we start seems very much to change from piece to piece.

Body Not Fit For Purpose (2014) is their first overtly political work, taking as its starting point the uselessness of dancing to express anything of any real concern and at the same time the inherent, gloriously foolish radicality of the attempt. Built on the structure of La Folia, one of Europe's earliest remembered melodies, the performance takes place at a table with Fargion's mandolin counterpointing Burrows's gestural language. Clashing an angry politic against the empty joy of dancing, unravelling the link between meaning and action this work raises questions in the midst of laughter.

Adrian Heathfield is a writer and curator working across the scenes of live art, performance and dance. He is best known for his books, which include Perform, Repeat, Record: Live Art in History and Out of Now: The Lifeworks of Tehching Hsieh. He co-curated the Live Culture events at Tate Modern in 2003, was co-director of Performance Matters (2009-14) and has curated a number of durational events in European cities over the last ten years. He is the co-author with photographer Hugo Glendinning of a series of dialogue films with figures such as Hélène Cixous, Alphonso Lingis, Brian Massumi and Bernard Stiegler. Adrian is Marie Curie International Fellow at Columbia University, New York where he conducts a project called Curating the Ephemeral and he is Professor of Performance and Visual Culture at the University of Roehampton, London.


Duration: 75 Minutes

No Late Seating