• Neighborhood House (map)
  • 20 N American St
  • Philadelphia, PA, 19106
  • United States

Program #1
Both Sitting Duet + Artist Talk
Friday, June 19 at 7pm

The patterns themselves are not so complex but we sensitized them further.

In Both Sitting Duet (2002) the dancer and the musician perform movements while seated on a chair, thus creating a common physical starting point. Together they execute simple, yet fascinating, hand and arm movements with great concentration and precision. The only music to be heard is the ‘natural’ sound that accompanies their movements. Both Sitting Duet received a Dance and Performance Award (“Bessie”) in New York in 2003.

This event is immediately followed by a Q+A with the artists moderated by Michèle Steinwald.

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Michèle Steinwald is an artist- and audience-advocate, and programs through grassroots organizing in community to further dialogue around dance and the magic bodies in movement enable. Her early career was shaped by the convergences of punk and dance. As an independent curator, she focuses on experimental dance to actively create and hold space for intuition, embodiment, and empathy when supporting shared experiences.


Duration: 70 mins.  

No Late Seating.