• Neighborhood House (map)
  • 20 N American St
  • Philadelphia, PA, 19106
  • United States

Seen & Heard 5 is Thirdbird's latest exploration of the intersection between movement, sound and text. We've put food, friends and foreign influence at the center for this edition, as we share performances, meals and conversations.


Forstillinger: Club Fisk (Denmark)
Choreography: Kasper Daugaard Poulsen; 
Performance: Anette Asp Christensen and Mari Matre Larsen 

Utah: Meg Foley / moving parts (Philadelphia)
Choreography: Meg Foley Performance: Gabrielle Revlock and JE Kim 

say no more!: Greg Holt & Sara Yassky (San Francisco / Philly)
Choreography/Performance: Sara Yassky and Gregory Holt

Fri, June 14, 12:30pm and 7:30pm
@ Neighborhood House (Philadelphia)
Sat, June 15 and Sun, Jun 16 - 7:30pm 
@ Abrons Art Center (New York City)

How do we encounter two people? How does repetition change our understanding of relationships? This international collection of duets examines our expectations of the interplay of language and definition of space. Club Fisk’s “Forstillinger” plays with a spare Scandinavian structure on repeat, complete with explanation and elaborate costume changes. The two forms in “Utah” create a bodily landscape made of negative space in Meg Foley’s tense investigation. Holt and Yassky’s exploration in “say no more!” employs limitation as a window into revealing relationships.



Wednesday, June 12, 9pm
@ Neighborhood House
FREE EVENT, food and drink availableRSVP requested. 

Low stakes and high production combine in Dinner Date--an evening that is part performance, part party and part participation (if the mood strikes). 

We've merged our musician/dancer Blind Dates into a group to explore the continuum between “composed/choreographed” and “improvised”. Philly based artists will try something new. They'll try it for the first time in front of you (or perhaps with you) and with an adult beverage, if you'd like. 

Join us for a grassroots kick-start to the Dance/USA conference or a midweek jawn with these muses and local guides: Austen Brown, Beau Hancock, Christina Zani, Eugene Lew, Meg Foley, Niki Cousineau, Scott McPheeters.

Catering by Sprout.



Friday, June 14, 2pm - 4pm(follows performance)
@ Neighborhood House
FREE, lunch provided. RSVP requested. 

This kitchen-table conversation centers on the local roots and global presentation of experimental performance. 

We’ll eat together and chat with peers who are making and showing new work. We're not aiming for a "scalable model" or a list of "best practices" we're making an opportunity to learn from one another, share our successes and maybe find some collective action. 

We don't see each other enough, with our big country and our small field (with our even tinier segment nestled within that). Help us consider the way that performance is created and consumed in your community during this luncheon/discussion (distinctly without the panel).

Catering by Sprout.